Saturday, January 29, 2011


I guess not everyone is going to understand the way I view the world. This blog would and will have to be my best attempt in allowing the close minded to open.

Describing my plans for the months of July, August and then my trip to Burning Man in September today was responded with the opinion of it being/sounding "cult like." I really had nothing to come back with because I felt at that point the conversation was pointless to continue. I couldn't help but think to myself, if the desire of wanting to expierience the world and the feeling of being alive is considered "cult like" then go ahead and call me Charles Manson.

A quality about myself that was discussed today was that I put my trust into everyone and everything around me. This characteristic leaves the window of opportunity open for the people who can't appreciate this about me to stab me in the back. Yes, I acknowledge this being a con in my daily life. But I feel that not allowing someone my trust before they even have a chance to break it in the first place would be a deficit to the human spirit and purpose. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." A once prominent way of life now turned understatement of the year. There are always going to be people that don't lead this quote in their daily lives or understand its subliminal meaning. These people are going to be the ones in your life that do take advantage of your trust and stab you in the back. But its the simple peace of mind that those persons' are on lower levels of understanding life and what it has to offer that allow me to humbly dismiss the wrong doing and put faith in the idea of them one day discovering this key to a happy life.

Leading this way of life up to this point, has worked our fairly sufficient for me. I don't think I'd have the amazing support system, I call my friends, if it wasn't for this prominent aspect in myself. I'd have to objectively state that that's what my friends probably value most about their friendship with me.

Yesterday I set out to gain knowledge on item's I will be needing to purchase for my trip. Such as sleeping bags, tents, back packs and camera equipment. I defiantly have to thank my Dad's girlfriend for taking me to an Austin based store called Back Woods. This place is a vital piece in gaining any knowledge necessary for anything from back packing through Europe to driving cross country, to camping in the desert for a week. The man assisting Me's name was Stephen. An Australian fly fisher who I could tell had stories of travels and adventures that would last for days! I have to tip my hat to Stephen for sharing his expertise and brief stories of travel. My favorite part of my conversations with him were when he said, "Yeah know, there's nothing better than the feeling of returning from a trip and having people ask "Hey did ya catch last weeks episode" or "Did you hear who's coming to town?" and all you have to come back with is "No Sorry, I was traveling the world."
That was truly inspirational. Thanks Steven. I look forward to further educating myself through suggestions and stories.

I also was riding in the car with Lauren yesterday and drove by a vintage store will mountain bikes for sale. Had to jump on that sign from the higher Divine. I'm now the new owner of a bright yellow, all-terrain, Outpost for the grand total of $60 bucks. I figure, why not get something that's already seen so much.

I draw influence from YouTube video "Lost at Lake Shasta" (well shot, edited, and amazing artistic representation of the world mastahnick comes from as well as the rest of his videos) and drive from the annoying health, doctor, info, I don't know I'm still trying to figure out what to call it. But basically the message is "Hey America, lets put down the remote and get up off our fat asses." I am curious as to how my time in Europe is going to be being that I am from America. That will defiantly be a well rounding experience I will gain from this venture.

Off to my fathers 53rd birthday dinner with good friends and even better family. Happy Birthday Dad.

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