Monday, January 24, 2011

The Road To Self Discovery Cont'd

Now that you've been briefly educated on the spiritual community, known as Burning Man, I hope that my mention has sparked an interest small enough for you to consider experiencing it for yourself one day.

It's pointless to try and comprehend the person I am going to have turned into once this 66 day journey is over. But I have faith that the roots of my morals and values will remain consistent with how they have been up until this point in my life. In fact the only change to occur to these two pieces of me is that they will most likely strengthen. Everything else I fully expect to change for the betterment of me and the people in my life. I anticipate this trip to bring down any stubborn walls I may have deep in my subconscious. To approach and diffuse any characteristic flaws I may be blind too. I also hope for it to allow me to better understand, navigate and move forward with certain relationships currently in my life.

One thing I am definitely going to be doing, during this trip, is disconnecting myself from a world that has become, some what of, an epidemic in today's society. I will be deactivating my Facebook. Detaching myself from the redundant Facebook status updates about homework, child care, song lyrics, date nights, soap boxes, indecision's of hair color, bible versus, song lyrics, daily life realizations and motivational quotes. The endless photo albums of my alcohol induced generation and, of course, the proclaimed happy couples that use Facebook as a crutch to fill the insecure holes that make up their relationships and make them look like a block of Swiss cheese! Although I am a current Facebook user and am just as guilty for the status updates I boasted about above, I can still acknowledge that we have become psychologically numb to the world around us because of the dependence we have developed to the social network. One thing I will certainly not miss about Facebook book are the bathroom mirror, shirtless, cell phone snap shots of guys that think their time spent in the gym is best displayed through profile pictures. (some of which clearly missed the memo of the real meaning behind health and fitness) And of course how can I miss the women, or shall I say "girls", that for some reason (only understood by God himself) feel it necessary to have self photo shoots of them getting ready for their evening out only to take more photos throughout the night making the same one arm on hip, cocktail and cellphone in other hand, designer purse resting at the pit of the elbow, obviously practiced a thousand and one times constipated smile, pose in every fucking picture imaginable.

Oh and let me shout out to Generation Jones (i.e. my parents generation) and their mid-life crisis Facebook addiction. These ones live vicariously through their own and/or others Facebook status's. Feeling compelled to include their social network of friends in every intricate detail of their day to day lives! Whether it's taking a shit or picking up drugs from the pharmacy, or better yet staying up all night playing the absolutely pointless Facebook games (such as Farmville) this online dating driven generation has developed an image for themselves comparable to the products I have just mentioned above. Granted I am proud to say that my father and other same generation family members have not conformed to this Facebook dependency (although a few could possibly be on the correct path to full blown Facebook creeper occupation). So to you, my superior generational friends on Facebook, I shall miss you the most. May your future on Facebook lead to the constant decrease in social network friends due to your futile status updates and constant need for pigs and chickens on Farmville.

....end Facebook soap box.

I will also not be taking a laptop with me and allowing myself limited usage of my iPhone. With this I am attempting to ween away a majority of my dependence on technology. As difficult as this may be, its most certainly worth a shot.

I will be documenting this entire experience through photography, videos and daily blog updates of my adventures on this trip. I want to allow any of my family and friends who have interest in my whereabouts during this time, the chance to join me in some way without actually being there with me. I don't expect anyone to follow or keep up with me the entire time but it will be there for anyone looking to kill some time. Whether its a break between classes, a lunch break or some casual reading for that daily trip to the porcelain bowl. Although my photography and videos will not be posted in any way until after my trip is over. At which point I will work on constructing my first photo album and compiling my videos into a movie.

I began my ToDo list today of the things I must start to complete over the next few months. Consistent of selling my truck, finalizing financial commitments, ticket purchases, doctors appointments, research on my destinations and shopping/packing lists. My first step towards my July 1st departure is the acquiring of my passport. I anticipate the day I receive this federal document in the mail will be the first feeling of genuine excitement about the reality of this trip.

Well may I leave you with this quote "if you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results"

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. May I not have bored you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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  1. "I will also not be taking a laptop with me and allowing myself limited usage of my iPhone." ---- I call BS :]