Monday, May 16, 2011

Idea Became A Reality

It has been a very extended time since my last post. For this I am sorry. I'm sure I lost a few followers (if any) due to my procrastination. Things have been hectic, busy and exciting. The hecticisim and busyness has been in the juggleing of both my jobs with all of the other things I have to complete and get ready for my trip. My day job has been requiring mandatory Saturdays at the office. (keep in mind they're laying us off at some point) So my weekends have been working 40 hours strait, bewteen both jobs, in three days with about 2-3 hours of sleep.

But all of that is nearing it's end. Saturday, the 21st, and Tuesday, the 24th, I put my 3 weeks notices in at my jobs! My last day at my day job is June 15th and my last night at my bar job is June 24th. I've learned and grown so much from both of these jobs in so many different ways. But in nearing the end of my corporate America life, I've concluded that an office job just isn't for me. The daily routine of getting up, getting ready, going to work, 2 cups of coffee, the "Good morning" greetings to the same faces, deciding on where to go for lunch, fighting the 2 o'clock drowsyness, watching the clock till it strikes 5, getting home, working out then going to bed has become some what depressing in a way. I feel that my life should and can be well spent doing something else. Somthing that atleast brings a challange to the table. Of course I can and will never regret my time there. I've met some out standing and influetial people during my time there.

Working at the bar the past nine months has been nothing short of a combintation between a Lady Gaga concert, a broadway musical and some gay soap opra (if those exsist)'s been interesting to say the least. I've seen it all from two grown men two stepping together (which for me is still a bit awkward to witness), to drag queen fights, to celebrity mobs, to the unfortunate reality of what the gay community has to deal with on a regular basis. Allow me to elaborate on this last notation. About my 2 or 3 night working at my bar, shortly after closing, two gentlemen were walking, about two or three blocks away from the bar, in peace (I'm sure they were two friends walking home probably reminesing on the good time they had that evening) when they were approached by two shady figures from behind. The shady figures asked the two friends if they were "homo's" and with out hesitation, shot them both in the face, killing them both. It's a sad world we live in.

I've only scratched the surface of being able to claim to have seen and done everything. Although there is much I have done and experienced, it doesn't compare to the hope I have for my future. A feeling, that was once familiar to me, has now reappeard with the pursuance of this trip. What was just an idea only five to six months ago, has now snowballed into a reality that is now only 27 days away. The feeling I was reffering too.....the feeling of a direction. A hopeful and bright future that consumes me with motivation and excitment that I have not felt in years. This trip has the potential for many things. I could travel for three months, have seen a lot of things and realize its not for me or some where a long the line discover something that was hidden to me thus paving another path for myself.

My blog posts, I promise, will be more reaccuring over the next 27 days. My jobs are nearing their end and I have more time on my hands now. I paln on talking about my experience in Fort Lauderdale and a few other things I have accomplised over my absense in posts.