Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Allow myself to introduce...myself

I haven't blogged since the days of xanga when my only worries were summer vacation and when I was going to loose my virginity. I've done some growing since then so I hope this proves a bit more stimulating to the intellect than my past blogs of being young and on top of the world.

I've gone by many alias' in my life, to each its own story, but you may call me Taylor. My life thus far has been nothing short of an amusement park roller coaster. I'm your stereotypical 23 year old with all the potential in the world for greatness, but not a clue as to how to tap into this "well" of potential and apply it towards making something of myself.

By day I'm a data analyst for the worlds largest airline catering company. I work on a team of 6 that maintain and manage the flight diagrams for all the American Airlines flights. By night I am a bar back at a gay country western bar. (out of respect I'm choosing to leave out the names of these two businesses. If you can't already think of the names of these places with the details I have given, well then google. That's what it's there for.)

I guess my reasons for beginning this blog about my life are one in many. To allow those who don't understand me a chance to better know where I come from and how I work internally and externally. Maybe to be there for a stranger looking for something or someone to relate to in a time where they need it the most. For that one negative critic who wants to bring everything and everyone down around them because they have nothing else better to do with their time or life. Or to include the people who already know and understand me in my journey towards fulfillment.

Rereading the above paragraph has led me to point out one characteristic about myself that I think anyone that knows me can agree with, I'm a people pleaser. Always putting others before myself. I'd have to say its my greatest strength and my greatest weakness.

So I guess for my own personal reasons for this blog would have to be some sort of therapeutic tool to allow me to better understand my own thoughts and daily trials. Being that I'm in my 20's my mind is on a constant state of introspection. Always trying to maintain some sort of foundation for my identity even though that foundation is about as unstable as the San Andreas fault line. I'm sure any finely aged and wisdom filled individual would have to agree that, that's what being in your 20's is about. The search for your identity, your purpose and yourself. If that is the case then I'd have to say I'm on the right track thus far. (I'll have to save my opinion on my generation and marriage for a post solely dedicated to that topic)

This blog is about my life, the experiences I have been through that have gotten me to this point, the people in my life and their influences, the experiences that I have yet to go through and everything inbetween. From awkward sexual experiences, to the random off the wall dreams that tourment the cortext of my mind. The constant construction and development of my confidence and self-image, to the guilty pleasures of drug use, alcohol and other things that may go on behind closed doors.

After having written this post, I must say, I already have a certain amount of clarity and hope for the day. This post was simply to "allow myself to introduce...myself." -Austin Powers. I look forward to my future posts and the responses I may receive. I welcome you to the multi-categorical movie I call My Life. Enjoy.

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