Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well I've made several positive steps towards my July 1st departure. I purchased my round trip ticket to Spain! Therefore me being in Europe for the month of July, leading into August, is official! My afternoons are filled with day dreaming of walking the streets of Amsterdam and relaxing on the white sand beaches of Ibiza after a wild night out on the town. Although things are in order to get me over seas, it's still very surreal to think that I'll be on the other side of the planet in about three months time! This trip is becoming a significant aid to the strengthening of the relationship with my mother and father, individually. With my mother its allowing us to get back to a time where I fed off her excitement and enthusiasm for what ever it is that I was doing. We've had numerous discussions, over the weeks, of what this trip means to me. The doors that will open themselves and the doors that I will be opening myself. We're empathizing with one another on the medium that both of us are making changes and/or investments in our lives that we are both benefiting in the long and short runs. For my mother, this empathy comes from her buying a house, which for her is parting the clouds for so many new beginnings. The positive strides my mother and I are making fill me with content and excitement for when I return from my travels and begin our new, but still vintage, relationship. My father is the more concerned of the two. We had our emotional heart to heart just recently. In the commencement of my plans, my father was not very ecstatic about the idea of me going over seas by myself during our countries presence in war and other foreign affairs. I acknowledge his concerns for my safety and take them to heart of course. I'd be concerned if he, being my father, wasn't be relevant to my security. Aside my safety during this trip, his concerns also lye with my future and where I am going in life. At this point in time, not even I know the answer to that. But then again who ever does, or did? Through constant observation of others, whether they be friend, acquaintance or significant figure, it seems as though everyone gets to "Point B" by following what ever it is they feel passionate about. My father fears for me ending up like him. Like he's some kind of failure. Just because things don't go the way you want, or expect them to go, does not make you a failure. I quickly consoled him by expressing to him that I will be lucky to end up half the man he is. Aside looking strikingly similar to him, people are always telling me I'm exactly like my Dad. Who you are is worth so much more than what you have. My father is and always will be the greatest man I know and I aspire everyday to be just like him. He is my hero. I bought a car last week. Finally. I needed something quick because "The Booger's" (my truck) days were shortly numbered. I'm now the proud owner of a '97 white Ford Mustang. I now have key less entry and radio again (haven't had that for about 9 months now). It has been dubbed the name "The Dalai Lama" a.k.a. "Dalai" for short. Complements of my friends. Purchasing this car was a wise move. It will get me through the next 3 months without worry of it breaking down. I'll be selling my truck. Most likely to Carmax Buying Center and just put what ever they give me for it back in savings. My only purchase left for my trip are an iPad, a backpack and a camera. All of which I am hoping to have by the end of April.

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