Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There's nothing more powerful than a good friendship. To know and understand this power is something that is not well attained by many. I show no modesty in saying I have a keen ability to facilitate a coalition with people that allows them to have faith that there are people in this world that are good and worthy of trust. I think, close to, everyone who knows me can share this common bond with one another no matter who they are and their differences. I think this is definitely in relation to my characteristic of allowing people my trust up front.

I recently spent an evening in Denton to visit some of my closest friends who I don't get to see that often due schedule conflicts. I cherish any free night I get to spend with my friends. Especially the ones in Denton, due to our encounters being far and few between. It was a great evening filled with CHEAP drinks on Fry street and laughs so hard my stomach now looks that of a Greek statue.......yeah well...I can dream.
I had a heart to heart with one friend specifically about concerns of our friendship drifting apart. I sternly reassured him that, that can not and will not ever happen. We've been through too much to just not be friends anymore because we don't see each other as often.
We all have to realize that life involves change, growth and improvement of the self. Figuring things out for ourselves so that we may better impact the world around us. But the relationships we build and create, that prove worthy of fidelity, through out life are always going to be there no matter where life takes us. You have to look in to the archive of the relationship and study the trials and tribulations you both triumphed over and put that outcome in the peace of mind of knowing that nothing will change between you and that individual no matter how much time passes. This applies to any relationship whether friend, foe or significant other. You can't get anywhere in life if you can't appreciate the value of a built bridge.
I'm known by many to be a "social butterfly." Also am known to be close and/or best friends with many. I can only reprimand my parents for this gift. Although my biggest reservation about the nature of this is that some friends may not feel as valued as another friend. If anyone in my life feels this disposition, I can feel nothing but discouragement. Everyone in this world is just as special and important as the next. I do my best to instill that in everyone of my alliances, past and present. If any, in my life, were to feel as if I favor others over themselves my only comeback is to please re-read the previous paragraph and to know that what I have and/or had with you was unique and individual to any other relation I have, to this day. If you can acknowledge those two recommendations then there is no reason you cannot have faith in the relationship you have with me.
My friends are the most beautiful part of my life. I live vicariously through them any chance I get because they allow me ulterior illustrations as to what life is like for someone else.
Allow me to apologize to my consistent readers/followers for the three weeks it took me to get this blog posted. I'll be continuing one tomorrow about the progress I've made for my future plans of travel as well as progress I've made with my parents.
Song I enjoyed while writing this was: "Time To Pretend" by MGMT

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